The importance of images

What are the images on your website, twitter stream, Facebook page, LinkedIn profile, email signature and email campaigns saying about you, your product or your services?

When someone lands on your website, the first images that they see will more than likely tell them all they need to know about you. Here are some things to consider when selecting images for your website:

  1. Do they communicate your key messages?
  2. Are they high-quality, clear and well created images?
  3. Are they large enough for a big screen but small enough to load?
  4. Do they fit with your corporate image and profile?
  5. Do they work on multiple platforms and devices?

The image for this article is both emotive and engaging. It speaks to a caring nature, the need to be acknowledged, the importance of relationships… and the list goes on. We used it for a legal firms’ website where they wanted to convey the compassion with which they handle personal injury cases.

Having a communication or ORM strategy in place will help you answer the questions above as well as highlight the need to purchase the correct stock images or brief your stylist at the photo shoot.

Choosing the right images extends way beyond aesthetics, it’s a fundamental concern of your online reputation management.

Tim Slatter is the director of, a company that focusses on enhancing your ORM (online reputation management) to create, build and sustain relationships that are reinforced by trust and seen to be value-adding.

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