Paying attention to details – #orm basics

Before creating a brand, designing an online presence and managing channels of communication that you hope will be mutually beneficial… you need to know what you’re about.

What is the reputation you have built, or would like to build? How is it tied into your heart’s passion and the goals and mission of your skills? This is what will define you and set you apart from everyone else.

Whilst you may not provide a unique service; how and why you provide that service is unique. These are ‘the details’.

The details are what your stakeholders need to see and understand when they engage with you online and make the choices that will lead to them contacting you and hopefully establishing and building a relationship with you.

It’s also what might take them from simply knowing you – to referring you.

As you start to articulate your online identity, you need a plan… a strategy. Keep the plan simple but clear and you will be able to focus on the messages that will impact and impress your readers.

Pay attention to the details and let them guide your artwork, logo, colours and wording.

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