Financial Planners: What does Google say?

We Google financial planners. A lot.

Most of them, don’t even come up on the radar – and if they do, it’s on some business directory that has old information for them. Others… we find that there are other financial planners in America or Europe with the same name (this happens more than you’d think!).

I have personally spoken to around 20 planners this week who have no website, no strategic system of adding value to their book with emails and blogs… and are losing business because of it.

This is why we developed Contatto – to help these planners; and to potentially help you.

Contatto – for financial planners – is the perfect online communication solution to differentiate your services.

If you do one thing today, type your name into Google and see what happens. If you’re not in the top five, reach out to our team today.

Contatto is a full-house service that can be used independently or integrated with your current online presence.

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