We design and build professional websites specifically for financial planners.


We write weekly lifestyle financial planning blogs, design cover artwork and post them to your website.


We design and distribute a monthly email - from your account - keeping you in touch with your clients every month.


Contatto is Italian and it means, quite simply: In Touch

We believe in helping people communicate authentically and regularly. Our goal with this service is help you stay in touch with your clients; in a manner that is professional, personal, simple and sustainable.

Contatto keeps it real and keeps you in touch with your clients.



If you'd like a completely customized website, with your own unique content and blogs - check out our custom work here...


We currently have a healthy mix of independent financial advisers, tied agents and brokerages/franchises.




Tied Advisers




Your clients engage with you - YOU are the centre of your online brand. This is how all the pieces fit together...

"I have followed Tim and his team on Social media platforms, e-mails and his website for almost 5 years... as we all do, we like to make an informed decision in terms of who it is we are willing to work with and what they offer.

I can honestly say it has been one of my best decisions to work with Tim and his team. His service is exceptional. He is passionate, patient and extremely professional. His offering is one that is incredibly well researched and thought out.

His ability to understand the needs of a Financial Planner, the nature of our business and our client needs/interests are crucial in helping grow an ongoing relationship with client and Financial Planner. His strategies encourage regular open and honest communication.

Thanks for all the brilliant work, keep it up."

Simon King

"Tim is a remarkable marketing talent, with an eye for not only growing his traditional business, but also seeking out opportunities to expand financial services businesses.

Tim takes his role seriously and is passionate about his results. Although I do not know Tim all that well such deep respect for him and sincerely believe he will bring his unique energy, optimism, passion, and tireless creativity to your business."

Megan Anderson

"Sharp and accurate article[s] on the trusted financial planner with a personal brand and online presence. The power of social media and emails correctly used is cost effective and powerful. "


Kobus Kleyn

"Tim has a talent for words, he also understand the financial industry and the challenges that advisors struggle with. He was able to move me forward in the world of social media. I thank you Tim for making it easy for me and guiding me along the way. May your business prosper because of your unique way of interaction."

Mariette Tappan

"Tim has helped our business set up a great new website, he produces our blog content and monthly newsletters. We recently attended his online training sessions, helping us better understand and leverage our online presence. I found this very helpful and informative; Tim has the ability to demystify very foreign concepts and bring the message across in a quick and efficient manner. Highly recommended!"

Bryan Nicol

"Tim recently assisted me with online communication tools to connect with my clients. I highly recommend his offering and expertise to take your business to another level. At first, braving the online and social connection tools was daunting. Tim made it so easy and the content he delivered to my clients made me a champion. Thank you Tim. You have raised my standards in one click."

Nadia Domingo

"What a breath of fresh air! Tim and his team delivered on their promise to us, even though the deadline was extreme they met the turnaround time with a superb end result. As a director, who only does business if service delivery is excellent, I would most certainly recommend Tim Slatter and his team!"

Johann Strauss

Director of RFAdvice

"Tim has great attention to detail and once the brief had been outlined, was very quick to implement. He is very easy to work with and gave some great insights on how to improve my client interaction. I have had positive feedback from my clients on the services that he provides to my business. I can recommend him to other businesses."

Sigrid Madonko

Owner at Quintus Wealth

"Tim and his team have really delivered on what they promised! I am certain that I will be receiving the same level of excellent service on an ongoing and continuous basis. Rest assured that you will be in good hands with these guys!"

Samantha Schnetler

Aviation Specialist Financial Advisor

"You are the best online communications and brand strategist I know and we'll be building a relationship for life!"

Frank Agliotti

"Working with Tim and his team has seen my business and personal brand grow from strength to strength.  Professionalism, unique ideas and awesomeness is what comes to mind when I think of this company. "

Terence Tobin

"Tim has set our IT alive, thanks Tim – your passion in the industry is contagious."


Rainer Boshoff

"LOVE IT!!! You did an awesome job."

Rafieq Saville

Don't waste time trying to build your own website, updating your blog, posting to social media and trying to send hundreds of emails...

Responsive Website Design

We'll build a website - just for you. Slick, professional and compatible with all popular devices. You can finally tell your clients 'Just visit my website!'.

Our website setups include pages and blogs that are ideally targeted at sparking lifestyle conversations to help you engage with your clients on a deeper level through your online communciation!

Weekly Blogs - We Write For You

From blogs to newsletters - we provide you with a unique and innovative online communication service to stay in touch with your entire client base.


Click on the above to view online now

Monthly Newsletter -
Saves You Time

Your time is valuable. So is your client's. We take care of the monthly creative writing and email design so that you can focus your time on being available and valuable to your clients. You won't have to spend a single second on your newsletters again!

Available in Afrikaans too!


You can choose to have an Afrikaans introduction sent to your Afrikaans clients!

Addressing your clients in their preferred language is one step closer to ensuring a better client experience with your advice offerings. Your weekly blogs will remain in English, but to keep the monthly emails even more personal, this has been a service that many of our financial advisers have requested.

Send us a message through our contact form to find out more.


Let us do what we're good at, so that you can focus on what you do best.

From only R895 per month!
(all prices quoted are ex VAT)

for a 12-month subscription
OR - R4000 upfront and R895 month-to-month

No lock-in, you can host with whomever you choose!

A fresh, contemporary professional portfolio website


Email database setup for monthly newsletter

HTML designed newsletter

Weekly blog updates

Monthly newsletter design and distribution management


for a 12-month subscription
OR - R6000 upfront and R895 month-to-month

No lock-in, you can host with whomever you choose!

A traditional professional financial planner website

18 Blogs

Email database setup for monthly newsletter

HTML designed newsletter

Weekly blog updates

Monthly newsletter design and distribution management

Functionality to add your own blogs

for a 12-month subscription
OR - R10 000 upfront and R895 month-to-month

No lock-in, you can host with whomever you choose!

A financial adviser website with a video landing experience

Full Contatto Blog Pack (400+)

Email database setup for monthly newsletter

HTML designed newsletter

Weekly blog updates

Monthly newsletter design and distribution management

Functionality to add your own blogs


Should you require assistance with hosting, we will quote you accordingly. Domain renewal is billed annually from the beginning of the second year - it is currently around R149. Please note that pricing and services may be subject to change without prior notice. Terms and conditions may apply.


You can add your own blogs, articles or posts any time you want! If you have the time, you don't even need to pay us to do it every week - you can do it all yourself!


If at any stage you want to add new elements to your site - either from our ever-growing list of options or your own ideas - you can!


If your current site is built on WordPress and you don't want to change... but want our weekly blogs and monthly newsletters, we can slot in with what you have.


Planner: Terence Tobin (FNB) Website:

Screen Shot 2016-01-07 at 11.10.04 PM


Terence currently reaches 365 of his clients every single month with a personal email from him to them. His website has a new blog every week and his social media is updated three times a week. He receives numerous compliments on his attentiveness (from his clients) and receives extra referrals from his monthly newsletter.

Click here to view his website.


Drop us an email or send a text - we'd love to hear from you. | (+27) 083 390 2912

Contatto is an online communication service for financial advisers, designed and managed by Slatter Communications (Pty) Ltd.