LinkedIn Messaging Tips For Financial Advisors

I am connected to close on 2000 financial advisors on LinkedIn, and this number grows daily. Often, I receive a copy-and-paste message, that the more socially savvy IFA’s are prone to doing in order to market their advice services to me.

This, in theory is not a bad strategy – but so many get it horribly wrong.

Here are a few tips:


Before you simply copy and paste your message, double check exactly who you are talking to, so that you can make your online cold-call just a little more personal. That way you can quickly custom write an intro like:

  • “Hi Tim – I see you live in Cape Town and run a business.”
  • “Hi Tim – well done on finishing your degree! Did you know that having a degree puts you into the top 3% of all professional people world wide?” (yes, I made that stat up, but who is going to check?)
  • “Hi Tim – I see you offer online services. I could greatly use your help (and several of my clients), and perhaps you could use mine?”

If you open with that – you are considerably more likely to receive either a positive response… or a referral!


The featured image for this article is a screenshot of an actual message I received recently – from a professional planner with one of our country’s oldest and most well-established financial services providers.

The sentiment is great and their initiative to respond in kind to the notification LinkedIn gave them is spot on; but the delivery is beyond shocking. Make sure that your message is well-written, easy to engage with and most importantly; professional.

Never communicate with a client, or potential client, as if you are texting a school kid.


Even if the response you get is one telling you where to go, respond in a professional and courteous manner. Remember, more than 80% of your business comes from word-of-mouth referrals. Whilst this prospect may not need or want your services, how you respond may determine their willingness to refer you.

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