Create your own memes… that are awesome!

I’ve seen exceptional memes on social media. Some have been exceptionally good – and others… exceptionally bad. In a content-saturated environment, most of us are constantly looking for new ways to get our message heard and noticed, and memes often seem like a good space to start…

Memes… quite simply… are an idea, behaviour, or style that spreads from person to person within a culture. In our current online culture most picture quotes and inspirations are now falling into the meme category. If you feel like you want to be creating some memes yourself – here are three quick things to consider.

Choose the right message

The most important thing about a meme and its potential to be shared is the core message; what do you want to say? This may be a quote from someone who inspires you, or it could be one of your unique selling points. Remember, successful memes communicate an idea, behaviour or style that is both relevant and topical.

Memes can be used to highlight a point from one of your blogs or LinkedIn articles – bringing attention to a snippet of value that your readers may glean from a larger online reading experience.

If you don’t have a message that you feel is relevant, topical and share worthy… then maybe hold off!

Choose the right image & font

I’ve spoken about image selection before, but if you head on over to you will almost certainly find something to support your message. And, the great thing about this site is that you can select a custom size to download of the image so that it is small enough for fast sharing – but also to fit correctly inside the stream that you’re sharing it to.

Generally… stay away from Arial, Lucida Sans, Comic Sans, Papyrus and Times New Roman. (Adobe Spark normally has really cool options to use.)

Choose the right software

There are so many free mobile apps now, but the one we use is Adobe Spark. I particularly like this app because of the design and layout suggestions you can start with and remix – it saves you valuable minutes and gives you incredible visual concepts to share in seconds.

You can also use Spark for creating cover images, headers for mailers, invites or other stationary for communicating with your clients in creative and visually amazing ways.

AND ABOVE ALL… please check your spelling, grammar and punctuation!

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