Crucial Tips to Communicating Online

One of the hardest things to do, in life and in business, is communicate in such a way that the person listening… understands. The more passionate and immersed we are in the things that we love, the more we use language that only those ‘in the know’ understand.

Adding to this… when we start speaking passionately, we can easily soar away from our listener, leaving them behind before they’re able to fly with us.

You’re sharing your heart’s motivation to live; all your client’s receiving is hot air.

If effective communication was easy, we wouldn’t have to work at it constantly. Our natural tendency is towards our self-motivations, but in order to relate (communicate) to others in a sustainable and beneficial way, we need to engage in a way that we both understand. This takes effort and planning on our part.


Know your audience.

The best and quickest way to start this point of your communication strategy is to put yourself in their shoes. Think about the questions they would ask, about what they would feel is important (benefits over features) and – MOST IMPORTANTLY – what words they would use to express this information to you.

Know your message.

Make sure you know enough of the ins and outs of your product or service in relation to the questions posed in step one. Make sure that your responses use the words that your clients will understand and perceive to be valuable.

Know your communication environment.

When considering a communication environment, we talk about noise. This can be physical noise (like trying to pitch in a loud coffee shop), or technological noise (like having no internet when using your website as the only platform for engagement) or the noise of competing messages (your competition).

We communicate every day – but we’re seldom highly effective in our communication. When it comes to communicating online, the need for a communication strategy becomes substantially paramount.

Soar with your clients, don’t just blow hot air in their face.

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