Financial planners: Let’s make it personal

If you are a financial planner, now is the time to differentiate your services.

In a time where diversity is being celebrated, and personal interaction is on the decline – making things personal is the way to stand out. It doesn’t have to be pink nail polish – although that would certainly work – but it does have to be personal.

Using your client’s first name in your emails to them, remembering their birthday, taking time to introduce them to your website, sending them a monthly email (every month – not just when you remember), sharing a blog or simply connecting with them on social media – these are simple but effective ways to use technology to not only get in touch… but to stay in touch!

So many IFAs and CFPs know this… but don’t have the time or skills to do it effectively.

Well… with Contatto, we’ll keep you in touch with your clients.

With Contatto – a uniquely designed online communication solution for financial planners – we’ll hook you up with a swish looking website that’s all yours, we’ll blog every single week and we’ll send your clients an email, from you, with awesome, value-adding information.

I know, you can’t really say no – can you? Check it out today and apply online. It’s really that simple.

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