Stop wasting your time online

Most businesses now have a number of places for online engagement: both for their online visitors and internally, for business operations. These can take excessive time to manage and take them away from delivering their actual services.

Adding to this, file sharing and online accounting are increasing the areas of online use for a business, and much time is spent trying to sort through the clutter to actually do your work.

Businesses need to constantly review their online operational flow.

If you want to manage your online communication (internal and external) in a sustainable and efficient way, you need to consistently improve the way that you not only source and deliver content, but how you access your pages and profiles quickly.

For example – imagine you want to check to see if there have been any new reviews on your Facebook page (because… notifications don’t always work!). If you have to load Facebook, then find your page on the left, then wait for it to load, then click on reviews – it can take around 30 seconds to get to your end point. And… this is assuming you don’t get distracted by the pictures that your family, friends and colleagues have recently posted into your stream.

Platforms like HootSuite are great for consolidating and managing social media content, but they can be limited when trying to access specific areas inside of a social media profile.

This is where the efficient use of your internet browser can have a massive impact on your bottom line. Having a bookmarked folder system to jump straight to your Facebook page reviews (like in the example above) saves you time and helps you stay on top of important pages – without getting distracted!

Here are some more ideas:

  1. If you’re working on a project in Google Drive, have that folder page bookmarked.
  2. For checking your unpaid invoices, bookmark your ‘Unpaids’ view and stick it into your accounting folder for bookmarks.
  3. Need to see your online orders? Bookmark that page so that you don’t have to first log in to the website dashboard.
  4. Writing posts for LinkedIn? Bookmark the ‘Publish a post’ button.

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