The importance of the personal touch

There is one big problem with technology: the closer it brings us, the less personal it becomes.

Think about it.

Facebook tells everyone when your birthday is. No-one remembers it – but they wish you anyway. Your cellphone tells what your friends’ phone numbers are – you don’t have to remember them. LinkedIn informs you when a contact receives a promotion or celebrates their work anniversary – it even pre-populates the message for you. How personal is that?

Not very. It’s convenient, but it’s far from personal.

The result is that we have an online community that is desperate for real, authentic, personal interaction. A means to hear from someone and respond to them, by yourself. Not in a bulk email, a large group or a social media forum where you soon become ‘just another screenname’.

One of our driving motivations when communicating via email is to have the client’s first name in either the subject line, or a few times within the actual email body.

When people see online communication with their first name…

  1. They are more inclined to open the communication (email or sms)
  2. They are more likely to click on the links you’ve provided
  3. There is a much higher chance that they will reply to you

All of our ORM strategies incorporate this kind of personalisation.

For Financial Planners we have Contatto. This is a unique service that we have developed to bring the personal touch back and empower financial advisors and CFP’s. Everything is personalised to you and your client. Stay in touch with your clients every single month, not just once a year… or less…

If you need help in crafting a personalised email campaign, or redeveloping your entire brand and online identity, make sure you chat to people who know what they’re doing!

Tim Slatter is the director of, a company that focusses on enhancing your ORM (online reputation management) to create, build and sustain relationships that are reinforced by trust and are seen to be value-adding.

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