Helping Financial Advisors reach their clients

One of the biggest problems of every financial advisor with a growing book is the time it takes to contact your clients regularly and have a good reason for staying in touch.

Taking the time to design a well-written, properly branded email is extremely consuming and requires technical and design know-how that many financial advisers may not have. Using Outlook or Gmail is unprofessional, and it takes ages to send to groups of 20 at a time, and then you lose that personal touch.

With Contatto – an innovative service from our company – this problem is taken care of!

We start by building you your own website. Whilst you may work for a larger company with its own website, your clients see you and deal with you.

We write a new blog and add it to your website every week – meaning you always have something newsworthy and valuable to share on your social media and in emails.

Having your own online brand KEEPS YOU IN TOUCH WITH YOUR CLIENTS.

At the end of every month, we email your clients with a summary of the top articles on your website, links to your social media, and a personal message. Each email is sent using special software to personalise it with your client’s first name and send it through your personal email address. So when they click on anything – they stay with you. When they reply, it comes straight to you.

Staying in touch with your clients has never been easier.

It’s easy. It’s affordable.

Contatto – helping financial planners stay in touch with their clients.

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