Enhance your Word Of Mouth Marketing Strategy with your Online Communication Strategy

If you work in the service industry, you’ll know that what your clients say about you is a crucial part of building your business! Many businesses rely on this ad-hoc, whilst others strategically hone in on Word Of Mouth Marketing (WOMM).

If you’re savvy – you’ll know that you can enhance your WOMM with your online communication.

Picture the scene above. A happy client of yours meets his friends for coffee. He starts talking about you and your service and how impressed he has been. He pulls out his phone to show them your latest monthly email that included links to contact you, book an appointment, a selection of some of your latest blogs and a quick link to visit your website. His friend him asks for the link to the website to open it up on her tablet.

Their coffee arrives as they start reading some of your blogs. Agreeing on information they’ve heard, discussing information that’s new. They browse your testimonials and see what others are saying about your services.

Your one client… has potentially just become four. And what about the people at the next table who overhear their conversation?

Now imagine that same scene if he simply spoke about you, and then they moved on to the next topic of conversation? And then their coffee arrived.

Your one client… stays one client.

For the first situation to play out… and for you to enhance your WOMM strategy – you need an online communication strategy to build and sustain your online brand and your client relationships. This forms part of your online reputation management (ORM).


  1. A regular email newsletter: Monthly is normally a suitable ‘regular’ as it’s not too frequent that your clients will feel spammed, and it’s not so infrequent that they will miss it. There are several elements to an email newsletter that will increase opens, clicks and calls to action; these are necessary to ensure the efficacy of each campaign. If managed properly, these will hold the biggest entry-point value in your online communication. (social media being the other)
  2. Weekly blogs: One of the biggest challenges to communicating online is finding value-adding content. You have two options: generate or curate. Either way, make sure you are adding content to your website that will allow you to provide ongoing value to your online communication with your clients.
  3. A responsive website: Whilst responsive design has become a new and critical element in the web design toolkit; flow, navigation, copywriting, artwork and comprehensive design of your website all contribute to your online brand and the perception that your online communication will create. Also – you need your own website. Being listed as a service provider on a main supplier site CANNOT be your online cornerstone.

When these elements are in place you can begin to successfully explore social media options.

Remember, WOMM will be both effective and powerful in building your business if you manage it strategically.


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