Are you meeting a new client today?

Are you meeting a new client today?

If so – they have most likely Googled you already, checked your company credentials and made initial decisions around value, trust and their loyalty to you and your brand.

Our information-hungry culture combined with prolific access to personal information has conditioned us to find immense security in information. Granted there is wisdom in being prepared for a meeting; but we need to realise that this doesn’t simply mean preparing the presentation of our value proposition.

Now… our client relationships begin before we’ve even made first contact with a potential client. They begin before that first meeting.

They begin with the online archive that we are creating every single day; a portfolio of successes and failures – all available through the advent of search-engines. Your client will be able to see far into your past. And that will say something about you.

And… the opposite argument also rings true: if they can’t see into your past, or even find your recent portfolio and endeavours online, they will assume you are out of touch and potentially irrelevant.

What you do online today will, in theory, be available to the correct keyword searches for as long as our current technology is in use. It could be years, it could be decades.

So what are you doing to take control of that? How are you currently managing your online brand?

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