Why Blogging is Important for Financial Planners

Whether you are out there on your own, or part of a multinational company, blogging on your personal website should be integral to your online communication strategy!

For financial planners, much time is focussed on preparing for client meetings and structuring portfolios correctly – and far less time is spent keeping in regular contact with them – something that has a much higher perceived value by clients.

Blogging adds immensely to your value offering on your website and, it also contributes to…

  • Establishing your personal brand as a relevant industry leader
  • Developing healthy client relationships
  • Traffic on your website and increasing SEO for your brand (your name)

Better branding
With the South African financial advisory industry moving to a fee-based payment structure, who you are and what you provide for your clients (the value you bring to them) will directly impact how much you will be able to charge.

Building your personal brand is no longer an ‘if’, but a ‘must’.

Well written blogs which focus on industry-specific content demonstrate that you are staying on top of the latest trends. You are marketing your knowledge, your skills, your business and your commitment to your client by providing them with relevant and easily accessible information.

If you go to a website and see that someone has a blog, even if you don’t read a single article, you probably find it impressive that they take the time to engage on a more personal level.

Healthy client relationships
Blogs provide an avenue through which you can deepen the connection with your clients.
The more you show that you are well-versed in your field, the more likely your client will be to trust you as a reputable source of information. And what a healthy customer relationship boils down to, ultimately, is trust.

Clients like to be informed and blogs are the perfect vehicle. Blogs can create a dialogue between you and your clients before you’ve even spoken to them. It stimulates questions and ideas that they can then contact you with. The real power of a blog is that it allows you to contact and inform ALL of your clients through the same portal.

Enhanced online presence
Blogs can be published on your website and disseminated across a multitude of social media platforms, keeping you both present and relevant. It gives you a reason to link clients back to your website, which increases your traffic.

Increased traffic and fresh, relevant content published to your website on a regular basis improves your personal SEO (Search Engine Optimisation). Which increases the chances of your website appearing near the top of the page when someone searches for you.

So, blogging helps you build your personal brand, improves your customer relationships and enhances your online presence. That’s a whole lot of value considering it’s just a couple of words on a page!