Has Google Found You?

Google, the world’s largest online search engine, needs to know who you are. It needs to know that the websites that talk about you are updated regularly, are responsive for different devices and have good meta tags.

Luckily for you, we take care of this with Contatto.

Before you set up your website, or signed up for Contatto – did you ever Google yourself? If your website (your domain) didn’t come up at least once in the first five organic results, then your online presence was not working for you.

Why don’t you do a quick check now?

Type your name into Google, along with financial planner. For example – “sam brown financial planner”.

We find that almost all our planners who have a Contatto website (or bespoke site that we have built), subscribe to our weekly blogs and monthly newsletter all come up more than once in the top five. In fact, some dominate the top 10 spots with their website and blogs.

This means that their clients:

  • can check that they are credible
  • can check that they are established
  • can easily find their cellphone number
  • can easily message them directly from the website
  • can see that they add value

It doesn’t matter how many hours you spend preparing a portfolio and ensuring that your clients receive the best service – if they see that your website is out of date; they will think you are out of date. All the unseen work you do holds far less value to your client than how they perceive their personal relationship with you.

Contatto helps you to get personal with your clients and builds an online reputation to help you with that. Your website, weekly blogs and monthly emails that are relationship centred – are keeping you at the top of Google.

Remember, if your client only hears about what you want to sell them, the next review, the features that have been changed – that’s all they’ll ever think; you’re here to sell them something. They’ll stop following you and dis-engage. But with Contatto – you start to build your own brand that is a value proposition supported by a relationship and trusted communication.