Do you have a Welcome mail?

A fresh, creative and well-written monthly email is a valuable and relevant way to stay in touch with your clients on a regular basis, without spamming or annoying them. Not a PDF that you forward from your directors – something from you, that’s written… readable… and clickable!

How about, when you sign up a new client – you make sure they get an awesome, personal and informative ‘Hello’?

A good welcome email lets your client know what they can expect from your email communications. It lets them know that they will be hearing from you, how frequently they will be hearing from you and the kind of content that they can expect.

Being the first point of online contact, your welcome email sets the tone for the subsequent online communications. So it’s important that you remain friendly and conversational. If it’s too dense and stuffy the likelihood of your next email being opened is diminished.

The welcome email not only reinforces the benefits of being subscribed, but also provides you the opportunity to link to your blog, website and social media pages without begging for the traffic. Since they have just signed up, it’s likely that they will want to learn more about you and your business.

Some great features of welcome emails are the speed at which they can be sent out, literally minutes after someone signs up, and that they can be customer specific, so the email will begin ‘Dear Andrew’ – for example. The speed of the service and personalisation speak to your investment in client relationships.

The goal is to take something impersonal, like online communication, and make it feel friendly, emotive, accessible and human. With Contatto – we can make this happen, without you having to lift a finger.